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Mesa County Commissioner 2020



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What inspires Bob to run for Mesa County Commissioner?


“I am a fiscal conservative and life-long Republican. I am a Grand Valley resident for 48 years and an entrepreneur and successful businessman since 1992.

Everyday, I face and solve all sorts of problems associated with money, budgeting, deficits, customer relations, employee hiring/retention, trends, marketing, communications, emergencies, health, safety, planning, government regulation/compliance, and much more.

For politicians, it’s easy to say that “Government is not the solution.”  

But, it’s impossible to find real-life solutions unless you have experience solving problems without the government’s help.


We need more elected representatives who have real-life business experience.

We need fewer career politicians whose life experience does not include earning a profit nor making a living without receiving a government paycheck. 


It’s time for new leadership in Mesa County that represents the working business folks:

  • who know what it is like to make payroll

  • sacrifice their own paycheck to pay their employees

  • face the burden of government regulation

  • make-do with less to put a roof over their family’s head

The career politicians and career bureaucrats are already well-represented in Mesa County government, so I am offering the voters a choice of new leadership.

I would appreciate your help and your vote for me, Bob Prescott for Mesa County Commissioner.”



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